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We The Wounded King

Dimension: 75 x 80 x 172 cm

Media: Mix media, Animation

Year: 2011

Exhibited at: Art Domain Migration, ASEAN & China,10+1 Art Tactic, Independent Art Project, The 4th Guangzhou Triennial, The 3rd Fl, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou City, China

This work is about the place we live from our shallow perspective. Why shallow? because we live in a shallow place, where people do not think further. Where everything is about one thing and one thing only. Money. If you have it then you don’t have to think about anything else. We live in a place where money and power are above all. Above all compassion and all that we used to call it common sense. Just like a rap words we listen to. Money and the power, minute after minute, hour after hour. We are too exhausted (and also powerless) to question this circumstances. We just want to build three small monuments. It’s a mark that we lived this situation. And hopefully, we can have some fun while constructing these artworks, so we can just skip the anger and the sadness until they done, and working another stuff and again and again and again. It sounds ignorant but at least we are happy ignorant.