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Urban Jungle Warfare 2

Dimension: Variable dimension, 9 pieces

Media: Mix media

Year: 2012

Exhibited at: Rupa Belanja, Rupa Kota (Forms of Shopping, Forms of Our Cities), Galeri Salihara, Jakarta, Indonesia.

For us, Indonesian cities are no different from villages, albeit much larger size and populated by much more people. Despite being founded upon the dreams of an urban lifestyle – filled with all things glamorous, fantastical, and ultra modern – the human behaviors are still those of backwater villages. [The Indonesian] city is a hodge-podge group of villages, sloppily glued and patched together. This is evident in the buildings, chaotically-built. It is also easily seen in the billboards, advertisements, and neon-boxes, strewn everywhere, at the same time making the city look dirty. This artwork is a set of 9 three-dimensional objects builts as an installation of a civilization, amongst other are representations of shopping center and power as their houses of worship, and images of how fervently people undertake their consumptive worship within a mirage.