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Silent Procession of This Cheerful Trojan Horse

Dimension: 100 x 170 x 21 cm

Media: Mixed Media

Year: 2012

“No longer are there any constraints between foreigners and natives. Whether we are ‘here’ or you are ‘there’, thousand of miles away; ultimately does it make any difference whatsoever? Given that we are all speaking the same language, gluing our eyes to the same gadgets, reading from similar sources, humming the same tune. Amen. We who are oblivious to, or complacement of. history – either that or deliberately forgetful – are condemned to be inferior – we are aware of that. Hence we accept our fate rejoicing, cheered by our overstated, self-proclaimed right to exult in jubilant slumber – the sleep of innocent, sweetened by candy dreams dispensed by the Trojan horse, unquestioning and wholeheartedly – we, too, are aware of that.”