Sato Kewan and The Raja Brana

Dimension: 300 x 200 cm

Media: Mix Media

Year: 2009

Exhibited at: Animamix Biennial : Visual Attrack & Attack- MOCA Taipei

The title is actually two Javanese words, Sato Kewan means Animals and  Rajabrana means gold. If we put those words together, for us it means Greedy Animals looking for golds, or money. This scene is what we see in our everyday life, in our society. A lot of human lost their humanly feelings and become more and more like greedy animal. Injustice is the result of this situation. You can buy Law through corrupted law enforcement officers, (it pictured by some of our characters that wears Law Enforcer symbols). Some of the characters also had their tongues pierced by diamonds, it symbolizes that truth is no longer present. The truth now is depends on how much money you have. Money ruled us now. The trees is symbolizes jungle as we live in a situation that driven by “Jungle Law”.