Indieguerillas_PleasePleasePleaseLetMeGetWhatIWant_2-1024x768 Indieguerillas_PleasePleasePleaseLetMeGetWhatIWant_merge-1024x509 Indieguerillas_PleasePleasePleaseLetMeGetWhatIWant-3 Indieguerillas_PleasePleasePleaseLetMeGetWhatIWantDouble_4

Please,Please,Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Dimension: @ 100cmx100cm 2012

Media: Acrylic, ink, paper and decal paper on canvas (I). Acrylic on canvas (II)

Year: 2012

This work is our attempt to capture and document the anxiety regarding the vulnerable relationship between the past and the present. This is a question that constantly arises about the collision between the present, contemporary values and the traditional ones that we already believe in. We are forced to enter a hall of cultural anxiety and forced to continuously learn, adapt, overcome, and balance all of these values. To reach the better things. For all.