Habital-de-La-Ritual_1 Habital-de-La-Ritual_2 Habital-de-La-Ritual_3

Habitual de la Ritual

Media: Resin, Acrylic Paint, Digital Print Sticker

Year: 2005

Exhibited at: Urban Culture – CP Open Biennale, Jakarta

Small sculptures. Each figure resembling one daily job or status of ordinary  Indonesian middle and… lower class people. They are car parking attendant, dangdut (Indonesian answer to…disco) singer, soap opera artist, video jockey, beggar, local ghost, a “fictional ghost” character who appears only during the period of National Election campaign to intimidate and frighten people (hahaha…), elementary school student, a local 1977 London punk wannabe, and a soccer player. So, do they have one thing in common ? Yes. What is that ? tend to corrupt. We (the common people) always swearing the hell out to our Government every single day. Mostly because of how corrupted they are. Butin the other side, we also just like them. Corrupted people. The most simple example is that we, the ordinary Indonesian people are the world famous for corrupting time. Almost everybody here did that. That is the main background for this artworks. The message behind this works is simple : Before you blame, shouting at or swear to someone else, please look at yourself first.