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Golden Nation

Dimension: 200 x 600 cm (triptych)

Media: Acrylic on canvas, Brass

Year: 2015

Exhibited at: Unveiling Fundamentals in Contemporary Art Through Asia, OHD Museum Magelang, Indonesia

In this work, we talk about the impact of social media on Indonesian society. We found that social media channels are becoming the place for many Indonesians to show off their success. Expensive things and brands are their main tools to show how successful they are. Instead of using social media as a collaborative place to create productive/useful things, social media channels are becoming one of the main booster of consumerism in Indonesian society. As smart phones are getting cheaper and more affordable for middle and lower income society, we realized that this phenomenon is no longer exclusive to the upper classes, but has spread widely amongst middle and lower income society.
We paint many faces hiding inside gold-coloured branded boxes as a reflection of people who are hiding their true selves inside the golden box of materialism.