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Year: 2011

Exhibited at: An Artist Residency Project with HEDEN and Kosmopolis Den Haag Nov 2010 – January 2011 at HIER Studio (HEDEN) The Hague, Netherland

Juxtaposes various aspects of food in two cultures, seasoned with elements of kitsch pop. The project is a visual diary of our search for Indonesian and Dutch food and cooking.

We found pieces of our past when eating Indonesian food in Holand. Something that is authentic, something that getting more and more increasingly difficult to find in Indonesia. it’s funny to find a taste of our past that are still (well) preserved in a place far from it’s homeland. We’re creating works that tell stories. We tell them with the aid of figures that we have created ourself. The characters looks are the combination of what We see and feel everyday lives and of course the mighty and inevitable global culture we consume continuously. www.facebook.com/gastro.naut1 supported by: www.heden.nl www.kosmopolisdenhaag.nl